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A State of Dance with MC Energy

MC Energy

Website: or:

If music was an animal, what would it be and why?
An animal. Well I think I would be a lion. As he the top dog, has the best job, does all the right things, gets all the right she lions, so if he was music he must be the shizzle my nizzle music.

If you had a banana, 2 left ankle socks and a dwarf, where would you take them and what would you do?
Take the two socks and the banana to Amsterdam with the dwarf, leave them on the side of the road, and I would them watch all the interesting things that could be done to them.

What has been your biggest inspiration during your dance music career?
Inspiration: The music, the people. The fans hahahaha if I had some.. haha

The music and the fact I meet loads of really interesting people. Also while I have become a DJ I have experienced some great overseas travel opportunities and playing in some really random places, but still the smiles on peoples faces in all these different countries is the same as back home here.
Having my tunes played by others and people liking them is also a great feeling.

MC Energy Biography:

From as far back as 1988 when Mike started to take notice of dance music, he threw himself head first into it.

Starting off with DJing Hip-Hop and handbag techno, as well as doing professional dance in shows, his love for music just kept growing. Taking up more dance over the years, his DJing got put on hold.

The year was 1999 where things turned back to the decks, starting to play again but this time more of the harder edge of dance music. Over the years, MC Energy has grown to be New Zealands first Slinky resident, as well as resident.

Playing in all the major partys, Slinky, Gods Kitchen, Crasher, Chemistry & Decadance, as well as Ministry of Sound radio UK, Peach UK, the club Prague. Supporting some of the biggest names in dance music including, Judge Jules, Arim Van Buuren, Lisa lashes, Above and Beyond, Ferry, Scott Bond, Agnelli and Nelson to name a few.

Behind the decks his energy flows. Easy to work with and very easy to please, he’s here for the music & fun, not the super star treatment.

As a promoter as well he understands the costs involved and keeps his fees down. Working on cutting a cd with the violinist is keeping him busy at the moment, along with a few new remixes of some tunes he is currently working on.

His ability to perform tricks on the pioneer equipment, scratching ,and laying accapellas over the music shows his style to be unique, as well as show casing the equipment for pioneer NZ.

For DL of any of my shows

MC Energy Top 5 mash Up Tunes (October 2012)

  1. Dirty South vs Daft Punk vs Hard Rock Sofa – Aerodynamic Quasar Coming Home (DJ VH Ultra Music Festival 2012 Mashup)
  2. Guns N Killers Sweet Child Of Brightside (By Djs From Mars)
  3. Avicii & David Guetta vs FlorenceĀ  & The Machine – Sunshine Spectrum (Jack The Video Ripper Reboot)
  4. Armin Van Buuren vs Gareth Emery vs Jordy Dazz – OMG We Are In Tokyo To Make Some Noise (Chunky Vibez Revamp)
  5. Cascade Everyday (Xendo Mashup)

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