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Midday Mash Up with Paul Hannon

Paul Hannon

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If music was an animal, what would it be and why?

It would be a five legged Giraffe-Monkey, with a penchant for show tunes and bourbon. In it’s spare time it would teach couples the art of love making. Men would want to be it, Women would want to sleep with it.

You’d take one look at it and say “yes, now I understand”.

If you had a banana, 2 left ankle socks and a dwarf, where would you take them and what would you do?

I’d introduce them to my mum and tell her I was now in a deep and meaningful relationship with these objects and short person, and possibly now need professional help.

All while wearing just the socks.

What has been your biggest inspiration during your dance music career?

Money, Women, Beers

Paul Hannon

What we know about Paul Hannon: born in the UK and moved to Galway city in Ireland before coming to New Zealand in January 2011.

Before moving to NZ and joining UP FM, he worked on two radio stations in Ireland called Flirt FM and iRadio. He’s been DJing for over 15 years, held numerous residencies and has played alongside some well known names:

“I’ve done support for Mylo, Trevor Nelson, someone from the Scissor Sisters, Stanton Warriors, Mani from The Stone Roses, Utah Saints, Jack Beats, DJ Feadz, Kissy Sell Out, Steve from Soulwax, Skratch Bastid, ….there’s more but I can’t remember them all now! Oh….I had Calvin Harris and his full band do warm up for my best mate Byrno and I in Cuba*Live in Galway….well ok maybe he didn’t do warm up, but we did play after him so make up your own minds!”

Paul’s strangest time DJing was also his 1st time DJing abroad. Playing Drum n Bass to a Born Again Christian prayer group, in a monastery in Ayia Napa.

He can be found DJing in Bungalow 8 and The Carpark Bar in Auckland every Friday & Saturday night.

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