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Six Beats Under with Rowie


DJ Name: Rowie or Dougs names for me, Huri-Cane or Potpourri
Contact Details:
Rohan Huri Facebook
“6 Beats Under” Facebook Fan Page

If music was an animal, what would it be and why?
Bull, because you would be in for one hell of a ride

If you had a banana, 2 left ankle socks and a dwarf, where would you take them and what would you do?
West City Mall, I would eat the banana while watching the Dwarf put on an epic sock puppet play.

What has been your biggest inspiration during your dance music career?
Hands down “Black Vinyl Thursdays” at Bacio with Bevan Keys and Soane. I really got into house and I still play some the music I heard on those nights. Special mention must go to Doug for laughing at my poor mixing when I started but then encouraging me and pushing me to better myself as a DJ and Karn for letting me watch and learn some of his tricks. There are plenty of artists that have inspired me but you’ll just have to ask me for that list yourself. My friends have also inspired me but at the end of the day, playing music to a crowd who shares my love is what gets me going

Rowie plays House and Hip Hop and is free to a good home.

Top 6 (October 2012)

  1. Spideman –  Ilya
  2. Monkey Boots – Whitworth Strut
  3. Kolombo – My Own Business
  4. Finnebassen – I Get lifted (Cilly & Philly edit)
  5. Sonny Fodera Feat. Bru Fave – Into My Mind (Soledrifter Dub)
  6. White Collar Criminals – Comprende
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